Volleyball Rules

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NCAA 2020-2021 Rule Book


NCAA 2018-2019 Rule Book


NYS Certified Volleyball Officials Website


NYSCVOA Rules Interpretation 2020-2021 (make sure you are logged into state website under your own login)


NYSCVOA Rules Interpretation 2019-2020


NYSCVOA Rules and Procedures Manual 2020-2021


NYSCVOA Official Signals


NYSCVOA Line Judge Signals


2020-2021 Boys Two Libero System (Click here)

2 Liberos System:

  1. If a team is to use 2 liberos during a match, the 2 liberos would have to be noted on the lineup sheet in the 1st set.
    1. The liberos are for the entire match
    2. Only 1 of the liberos is allowed to serve in a set
    3. If 1 of the liberos is injured, the team plays only with the non-injured libero. No redesignation of another libero is allowed.
    4. If both liberos get injured, then the coach can decide to redesignate 1 libero for the remaining of the match
    5. Either libero can replace any player in the back row.
    6. A libero can replace another libero in the back row.
    7. Only 1 libero is allowed on the court at a time.
    8. The libero can be captain
    9. If 1 libero is disqualified due to unsportsmanlike conduct the team will play without a libero for the remainder of the set.
      1. The second libero can play in any subsequent set.
  2.  If a coach list 1 libero on the lineup sheet for the first set
    1. Only 1 libero is allowed for the match
    2. The same libero can play as the libero for all the sets
    3. The coach can designate 1 different libero for each set.


2020-2021 Boys Modified Rules


2019-2020 Middle School Girls' Modifications


 Libero Jersey

  1. It is legal for a player to use the same jersey number both as a libero and as a regular player.
  2. In the procedure manual from the state, Rule 7, a player may also have a different number when changing from a regular team uniform jersey to a libero jersey.