Uniform Compliance / Waiver

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Nassau County has been issued a countywide waiver by the state that reads:

2023-2024 The Volleyball warm-up time will be:
15 minutes shared on the visible clock when the visiting team arrives, then 6 minutes - visiting team followed by 6 minutes - home team.
The 15 minutes on the clock can start before the officials arrive.

Since this is a county wide waiver, it is not necessary for an official to ask for this waiver to be presented courtside.

2023-2024 statewide waiver for religious headgear
:  Approved: Head coverings worn for religious reasons are permitted and shall not be made of abrasive or hard material and must fit securely. This is a statewide waiver and you do not have to ask for it courtside.

2023-2024 Uniform waivers: A statewide waiver is in place for Modified and JV uniforms only.  Varsity programs must comply with the NCAA uniform rules (7.1), produce a waiver or receive an administrative red card at the beginning of the match.