Administrative Red Card & Uniforms

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Varsity programs must comply with the NCAA uniform rules (7.1), produce a waiver, or receive an administrative red card at the beginning of the match. Follow directions on page 11 in the Manual.  The administrative card is only issued: when 1 or more of the 6 starting players has an illegal uniform.


Illegal uniform issues will be handled following the steps below. The libero uniform is exempt from this modification. This modification is intended to provide an avenue for a student athlete to participate when a legal uniform is not available.

  • Notify the coach of the team at fault to determine whether the uniform can be brought into compliance. The coach will legalize the uniform for the team member.
  • If the uniform cannot be legalized, discuss with the opposing coach to determine whether a protest will be filed.
  • If no protest is filed at the time of the discussion, no future protest will be accepted in regards to uniform compliance.
  • If the coach wishes to protest, record the events per the rule book. Play the match and file the proper paperwork regarding the protest. Check local board policy.