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Interested in becoming a Certified Volleyball Official?

NVO, Inc.  is a board/chapter of NYSCVOA.  We conduct

instructional classes, training/rating clinics and administer

written and practical exams to certify both new and veteran

officials.  There are minimum standards every official must meet

to remain a member of our association.  Only those officials in

good standing are permitted to receive assignments, as required

by our contract with the NYSPHSAA Inc.  If interested in becoming

a Certified New York State High School volleyball official in Nassau

County, please contact:

Include your name, address, cell and home #'s, and please list your officiating experience.                       



Questions regarding the website?  Please contact:



WARM-UP WAIVER FROM NYS:  EFFECTIVE 10/16/2021.  We have reviewed your request to waive the NCAA Volleyball Warm Up Rule due to transportation issues your schools are having this season.  Schools of the Section VIII Volleyball teams are not required to meet the specific warm-up requirements of the NCAA Volleyball Rules if both schools agree.  Any questions or concerns related to this correspondence of waiver should be directed to Todd Nelson, NYSPHSAA Assistant Director.  (See letter under Rules)


Reminder on some protocols (3/14/2021)

WHISTLES - it is not MANDATORY to have an Electronic whistle. You can use a normal whistle under your mask.

LINESPERSON – the home school does not provide Linespersons; each school has their own Linesperson - they will stay on their own side with their team. NO SWITCHING SIDES. (If one schools only has 6-7 players than if the other school is willing to provide a linesperson it’s okay.)

LIBEROS - 2 Liberos are used by BOYS' only.  The replacement player may replace and be replaced by either libero.  The acting libero can only be replaced by the player whom he replaced (for that position) or by the second libero.  

5th SET – (Deciding game) GIRLS’ Varsity and JV play to 25 point. BOYS’ VARSITY play to 15 points and Boys' JV play to 25. There will be no switching sides in the deciding game. Regular score sheet is used for game 5.

GAME BALLS – should be 2-4 Game balls for each set. If school can not provide 4 than you can go with 2. (All the balls have to be the same.)

STANDING - in front of the benches is allowed

SUBSTITUTIONS – enter the court between the Attack line and the End line.

COIN TOSS – can be done by the R1 stand or any where that you have social distancing from the other players. (R1 and one Rep from each school)

UNIFORMS – point of emphasis – if there is something wrong or questionable about the team’s uniform – email Kate ( or Jerry ( Best if you took a picture. Ex: Team uniform #, Liberos non-contrasting color. Number # 00 is NOT legal.

R1 or R2 – the protocol is to talk to your partner to decide who will work as R1 or R2. Do not automatically assume you are R2.


(updated 5/27/2022)








Questions regarding official mechanics or an interpretation of a volleyball rule?

Contact: Billy, the NVO rules interpreter at