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Interested in becoming a certified Volleyball Official ?

NYSCVOA has 20 boards/chapters across the state.  

Each individual board/chapter conducts instructional classes,

training/rating clinics and administers written and

 practical exams to certify both new and veteran officials.

There are minimum standards every official must meet

to remain a member of the NYSCVOA. 

Only those officials in good standing with a local

chapter/board are permitted to receive assignments,

as required by our contract with the NYSPHSAA Inc.

If interested in becoming a certified

New York State High School volleyball official in Nassau County

 please contact Stu Cohen

                        Kate McDonagh


 Meeting Dates   As a Nassau volleyball official there are 5 meetings for each division required (boys and girls) , of which 1 is mandatory.  The dinner is a meeting.  Any meeting can be missed as long as a letter is received prior to the meeting and the reason is a legitimate excuse.  The excuse must be acceptable to the executive board. 


 2016-17 All meeting at East Meadows Schools, unless otherwise notified.

Thu. Aug 25 Rules Interpretation Time TBA

Wed Sept 7 Business Meeting 8:00PM

Wed Sept 14 Test Review 8:00PM

Mon. Oct 17 Election Meeting 8:00PM

Tue. Nov 15 Girls Modified Rules Interpretation Time TBA Manditory for Modified and JV officials, Officiating Girls Modified Season.

Dec. 5 Pompei Restaurant Holliday Party

RSVP by Nov 19th

Send $10 check to Barbara Richko

Mon. Jan 23 (24 Snow date) Boys Modified Rules Interpretation. Manditory for Modified and JV Officials, Officiating Boys Modified Season





Have a rules interpretation question? contact Loretta Dressler (

Questions about official mechanics or an interpretation of a volleyball rule?

You can contact LorettaDressler  the Nassau County volleyball rules interpreter

What's New

WHAT'S NEW is a page for fellow officials with updated information pertaining to rules and procedures that are to be understood and utilized. This section can also be used to ask questions through email  ANONYMOUSLY, pertaining to any and all volleyball matters. Rules interpretations, procedures or questions pertaining to the board.