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RefView is Replacing Sportspak

RefView (click here)


Very Important:  Fill out left side on My Personal Info.  DO NOT FILL OUT BANKING INFORMATION.  You MUST input your SS# and Mailing Address.  Do NOT SUBMIT W-9's to schools. 


Enter your email address that BOCES use to send you emails.  Do NOT enter a PIN NUMBER - instead click on the "Forgot your PIN?" below the entry box. This will open a page to enter your email address so they can send you instructions & a temporary PIN.

This will bring up a "Forgot PIN Reset Verification Page" indicating an email was sent.  Click "OK" & this will bring you back to the Login page.  You will receive an email with a temporary PIN, use the temporary PIN along with your email address to login (you can change the pin once you log in under Personal Info.)  

Video Tutorial #1 (click here)


Video Tutorial #2 (click here)


PDF Training Material (click here)


PDF Training Material (click here) 




If you need help, please contact: 

Jerry Paolillo & Kate McDonagh at 

Loretta Robitaille at

Christine Giosa at

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