NYS Test Information

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  • Each member must "Log In" to their own NYSCVOA account
  • Go to the Members page
  • Scroll down to the "Veteran Education Page"
  • Go to "Training Modules and Exam Procedures on that page (20 Most Missed Questions are also located here)


1) Log on to the state website now. Make sure your user name and password are working and avoid last minute panic. 


2) Complete the three modules before you'll be able to take the state exam. 


3)  Review 20 Most Missed Questions. They'll be on the exam.  


4) Study the practice exams, questions are on the test.


It's recommended you DO NOT take the exam before you have had the rule interpretation. 


The exam will be available August 28th. 


**Confirm your Email address and verify your board’s Chairperson is correct.


After reading the instructions, click on one of the buttons to either start the exam now or wait to take the exam later.


Exam Guidelines: 


1) Once you have started the Exam, you will be allowed to leave the exam and return later.


2) In order to leave the exam and not lose any of your answers you MUST exit on a question number that is a multiple of 5.  (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, etc.) 


Example #1: You have started taking the exam and after answering 10 questions, say you need to go out for dinner. Since you have completed 10 questions and 10 is a multiple of 5, you can exit the exam and return later to continue answering the remaining questions. 


Example #2: You have started taking the exam and you have answered 32 questions, you are tired and want to go to bed.  You will need to answer 3 more questions before you exit the exam. Otherwise, your answers for questions 31 & 32 will not be saved when you leave the exam.


3)  You CANNOT use the back arrow. 


4)  You CANNOT refresh or reload the window of your browser.


5)  You do have the ability to scroll up and down within the window.  


6)  If any question is unanswered, it will be marked incorrect.


7)  You CANNOT let your computer go to its screensaver – you will be logged out of the exam 



Exam Completion: 


      Click on Submit button to Submit Your Answers 


 1)  Your exam results will be shown on the webpage after clicking SUBMIT.


 2)  Proceed to your email to see an expanded version of your exam results. 


 3)  Only the Incorrectly answered questions will be listed.


 4)  You must email your Board Chair/Designee the question(s) missed, answering it correctly, and include the rule reference and page number.



You will need a score of 70 for modified rating, 76 for a JV rating and an 82 for a varsity rating.